God Provided a Way for Me to Attend the Moms in the Making Conference

April 2020 marks 7 years praying for our babies and while we have yet to see those 2 pink lines God has shown up in so many other ways. The biggest one being financially. In 2019 I was very much on the fence about attending the 3rd annual Moms in the Making conference. All year there was just not the excitement I thought I would have for it. Yet something was stirring and I couldn’t put my finger on why it kept coming back around in my mind about possibly attending. Driving to work one morning in late summer I told God that if He wanted me to attend the conference He would need to make a way and provide every penny because we pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and didn’t have a few hundred dollars extra for such a trip.

God has a sense of humor because that same week at work I was asked to go on a work trip and my mileage reimbursement covered my ticket and flight. Then I was asked to go on 2 other work trips almost back to back which covered the rest! I was able to attend the Moms in the Making conference with zero out of pocket expense from our monthly budget…come on! Talk about providing! I went by myself and roomed with 4 other amazing ladies who I now call friends. I was also able to meet one of my prayer partners.

I said “yes” to God and He showed up in a big way! And he will do it again and again. If you are needing provision in your life with God, He will make a way where there seems to be no way. He will always provide all that you need.

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