God Provided A House For Us

Have you ever worried about something God already told you He is going to provide? “I am convinced that my God will fully satisfy every need you have, for I have seen the abundant riches of glory revealed to me through Jesus Christ!” Philippians‬ 4:19‬ TPT‬‬

Last year I was pregnant with our miracle baby and hurricane season came to the south. I was so worried because I wanted a safer house to live in, especially now that a baby was coming. I was thinking about all the worst case scenarios possible, I was even pushing my husband to rent a house (when he was asking me to trust the Lord because He was going to provide the right one), but the rents were crazy high. I just gave up, my worries led me nowhere, and I surrendered everything to God, even my own strength to try to find a house.

We evacuated once, and I was crazy nervous to know if our house survived the hurricane. Trees fell, but only around the house, not on the house. God protected us and our belongings. We had no power (bye A/C, stove, fridge, food) for a week. I was 8 months pregnant. And then it clicked for me, in the middle of a very hot house, eating pop tarts cause it was the only thing we had to eat and everything was closed, I will be content with what I have, with what the Lord gave me for today. As soon as the power came back, we started decorating the nursery room, and my worries went away.

Fifteen days after that, on my birthday, we received a call. It was one of those calls you don’t expect — the kind of call you know God was in charge of working on before you even had the need. There was a house available for us – the perfect house! Not to rent, but to buy. We moved 1 month after our baby was born.

I’m so thankful for my virtual group who was praying for us – for both a house and for protection. I love that we can get to celebrate every miracle in our virtual meetings, miracles of every kind, but I love even more that we can be praying together for our needs and then watch God move.

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