God Paid Our Infertility Bills

“My testimony is about financial breakthrough. For most of our three-year infertility journey, my husband Jared and I could not afford to pursue much testing. Our insurance did provide for us to do some testing for Jared, plus an exploratory laparoscopy for me thanks to an endometriosis diagnosis. But after that, we hit a dead end. We could not afford to see a specialist and our hope ran dry as the answers stopped coming. Earlier this summer, Jared got a new job and we moved to Texas. Prior to this move, Jared was supposed to be an independent contractor, meaning we would be responsible for our own insurance. Suddenly, Jared was changed to an employee and we were given much more comprehensive insurance that covered visits to a specialist.

After moving and meeting with our reproductive endocrinologist, we were able to do more comprehensive testing that finally revealed the medical source of our infertility. Praise God! Of course, all this testing, even when covered by insurance, is not cheap. I was especially nervous about bills from the genetic and hormone level testing, as our insurance would not cover much of this. When I got those bills, the Lord overwhelmed me with His goodness. A $14,000 bill (yes, the final charge was $14,000‼‼) became $745. A $980 bill became $87. There was no reason for these changes except the goodness of God and the truth that He sees me, even in the wilderness of infertility. God started providing for us financially earlier this year when our insurance “suddenly” changed. And He is still providing financially today. He will do this for you too!”

Megan Walker – San Marcos, Texas

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