God Made a Way For Us to Adopt Our Foster Son

In 2018 my husband and I found out that a foster family program was about to start in our hometown and God moved our hearts to apply to foster a child. Later that year, we were welcoming a 2 year old into our home! It was love at first sight. The love and the bond with our child grew stronger. At the same time, we were increasingly worried because we knew since the beginning that eventually the day of separation would be imminent. The rules were very clear in Mexico that it is not possible to switch from foster family to adoption family.

The following year when the time of separation was really near and a feeling of sadness was all around us, God spoke to us through His Word saying that we must trust in Him and that He was going to be our helper. We decided to believe in His word even when all the odds were against us. God never gave up on us even when there were hard days when we didn’t feel like our faith and attitude were right. Then, in the next few days, we started to see a few signs of hope. We finally saw the fulfillment of the word God gave us. On May 10th, Mother’s Day in Mexico, we legally became a family forever.

Thanks to my Moms in the Making friends for praying and believing that the word that God gave us was going to be fulfilled. If you are in a similar situation, I know that God can do it again with you just like He did it with me!

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