God Made a Way and Protected Me

In 2017, my husband and I celebrated three years of marriage. We were excited to start “trying” for our first baby. Having had very painful periods and ruptured ovarian cysts, my GYN planned surgery to remove the cysts to prepare for pregnancy. During this surgery, doctors discovered cancerous ovarian tumors and could not proceed.

A weight, grief, and shock swept over my husband and me; we went from being excited to start trying for a baby to being worried about saving my life. We were given a referral to an oncologist.

During this time, I was encouraged by Moms in the Making posts and words of encouragement on their social media.

Yet still – we were faced with several decisions for our oncologist – save my ovaries, save my uterus and/or save my life. After a major abdominal surgery, my ovaries were removed and the oncologist was able to save my uterus. Praise God that the cancer had not spread!

The desire to grow our family remained and we grieved the ability that was taken from us. We never had the chance to get pregnant “naturally.” Our options were adoption, donor egg IVF or surrogacy. All were very expensive out-of-pocket options for us – options we could not afford on our own.

After much prayer, therapy and conversations, we decided to start with donor egg IVF. My heart’s desire was to find a Christian egg donor but I knew it would be so difficult.

God provided funding. We met a Christian couple who said they wanted to help us. The wife offered to undergo an egg retrieval and donate eggs to us. God provided 13 eggs in 2019. In early 2020, we were supposed to transfer one of the five embryos we were able to freeze but then COVID shut the IVF facilities down.

In the fall of 2020, we transferred one embryo, and now we praise God for our healthy baby girl. God made a way! He protected me from cancer, He provided the funds, the egg donor and the embryos!

Rhema Limon – California

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