God Led Us to Pursue Foster Care

husband and wife

Last March, after 1.5 yrs of trying to start our own family and not succeeding, I told my husband we should really think about fostering. I think he thought I was a little crazy, but I thought maybe things hadn’t worked out for us up until that point because we were meant to do something else first. We looked into adoption. It was expensive on top of knowing we were paying for fertility treatments.

We started an online foster class in April, and it was perfect timing because our fertility treatments were being put on hold due to COVID. Fast forward to June and we started our first round of IVF to find out we had no normal PGS embryos in August. Oddly enough we got our first call for a placement, there were two little boys needing homes.

The first thing we realized were both boys had biblical names, Malachi (which means messenger of God) and Elijah (which means miracle worker). After the failed cycle, we switched clinics. We drove hours and hours to the new clinic. The results were amazing. We ended up with 14 frozen embryos and 11 tested normal.

Our first transfer was 12/3. The same day we found out it failed I got a call that a 3 week old baby boy named Noah needed placed. Noah meaning rest and comfort. The doctor told us the embryo we transferred also was a boy. I thought this baby needed us more than we needed our own. My heart was so full. I knew God had a bigger plan for me and I saw it unraveling

I know someday I will have my miracle. Until then I am going to listen to what God has for me. I believe He is the only one who knows my destiny. My faith has grown so much of these last 2.5 years. I know His plans for me and my husband are bigger than I can imagine. And a big thank you to Moms in the Making who helped tremendously when I tapped into a local support group in Florida. 

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