God Led Me to Start Moms in the Making in Spanish

I found In Due Time blog way before I knew we would struggle to conceive. When we got our final diagnosis I felt really lonely; nobody could understand the pain that I was confronting and the faith that I needed in that moment of life. But it was in that moment that I remembered In Due Time blog and started looking for it on the web to discover that Caroline led a fertility ministry.

I began following MITM in 2017 and had this desire to go to conference. In 2019 I was in a bittersweet place and my husband told me it was a good idea for me to go to the conference. So I planned my trip by myself, without knowing anyone. When I was flying all these thoughts came to my mind questioning what I was doing there. I already know Jesus, what can I learn in this place?

When I arrived at the conference really hesitant of my decision, but God placed the most wonderful girls around me. It felt as if I knew them for years. We shared a room and they make me feel like a longtime friend. Once I was in the conference I began asking God why we didn’t had this in Spanish, it would be so great for the Hispanic community to have this support. Suddenly I heard the Holy Spirit telling me, “It’s going to be you in this ministry.”

After this we had a special moment of worship and a girl came to me and told me God would make me a mother of many spiritual daughters. Of course I didn’t like the idea. I didn’t feel qualified to do this great task, but as time went during the conference God started repeating to me to start this in Spanish so I obeyed and went to the leader interest meeting. Two years after that conference I had the opportunity to go again but I wasn’t by myself. I went with my girls, those girls that God had for the Spanish group, the spiritual daughters He had told me. Through this group God had shown me his mercy, his faithfulness, He had given me great friends and sisters in Christ. God can do wonderful things with our life. He only wants our best yes!

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