God Led Me To Lead a Moms in the Making Support Group in Maine

My husband and I have been trying to start our family since October 2017. I I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 and have faced many struggles that have come along with the diagnosis. I have also suffered two early miscarriages since TTC.

2019 has been a “miracle in motion” for my husband and I – from serving in Haiti, to our infertility journey and now becoming homeowners. God has moved mountains and I want to shout it from the rooftops! We are short-term missionaries to Haiti and went on a mission trip this past August. In June while waiting for the trip, God opened up a lot of doors for us to purchase our first home! The whole home buying process for us was a complete miracle and was like nothing anyone had ever seen! We closed in the end of August, and the closing costs came to $9,500 total… But we only paid $18 at closing! It was unreal!

When we moved in, the Lord told me that there was a reason He was putting us in our house. I’ve been waiting for the past two months to see what that “reason” is… And just two weeks ago, I found out His purpose and plan behind it because I am now officially a Moms in the Making leader. The Lord made it clear to me that He put us in our home so we can open it up to hurting women in our area and community that are walking the road of infertility alone.

I am SO excited and humbled by His calling and the opportunity to minister to women during our season of waiting! After going through infertility for the past two years and having suffered two early miscarriages, I can really say that His story is better and there is a purpose amidst the pain. We will continue to pray for our rainbow baby and live in surrender to God’s plans for us! I have been given so much encouragement and hope from following along Moms in the Making on social media for the past two years. Now I have been given HOPE and PURPOSE with God’s call to become a Leader in Maine! I can’t wait to see God’s plans continue to unfold and be in community with other women in Maine who are walking the same road.

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