God is Providing For Our Adoption

This is a bit of a testimony to God’s very good plans for me and how Caroline’s testimony and her lesson about speaking life really changed my perspective after conference.

For context, my husband and I have made a commitment to adoption. I went to our Christian school that’s attached to the church as Cinderella and I read a story about Queen Esther and about how God’s plans are always good, even when it doesn’t feel like it or even when it doesn’t line up with our own plans.

It kind of stung me as I was reading and speaking to the children about God’s very good plans and how God is always working. I was reading to children and being reminded that their parents are my age and are my friends. I felt like I should have a child at this school. I should be the one enjoying the pictures of my child with Cinderella.

But then, Caroline’s message that we heard during conference about speaking life came to my mind. I asked the Lord to show me the “life words” that I needed to speak in this situation. Then, this beautiful, soft word of God came to me.

In the process of bringing my heart’s desire to me, I need to work. I am doing my favorite thing in the world which is princess work. I am earning money to pay for my heart’s desire through work that the Lord has provided.

I began to thank the Lord for His provision and His attention to even the smallest detail. By changing my language from “have to” to “get to”, the Lord has provided additional well-paying performance opportunities and a year-long commitment with the school to bring other characters and share other stories about Jesus. By speaking life and finding the joy in the labor, I can see how very sweet the Lord is to show me how valuable I am to Him. He cares about me in every way and takes all my deepest desires into account. How good is our God that He cares so much?

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