God Is In All The Details

At the 2022 Leader Retreat, we were asked to ask Holy Spirit what He wanted to say to us and write it on a card, those cards were mailed to us later. I received mine in September of 2022 and it was right on time and exactly what I needed to hear.

At the 2023 retreat, we were give a prophetic card written by someone who doesn’t know us or what’s going on in our day-to-day life that had a word from Holy Spirit on it. How sweet is the Lord? That card matched up and had almost the same verbiage as what the card Holy Spirit had me write to myself a year prior. Come on!

What the Lord wanted to remind me of is that He is in all the details of my life. Nothing is out of his purview, He holds it all. I do not need to stress but rather rest in Him, Matthew 11:28-30. I hope this truth encourages you today as well!

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