God Healed Us and Our Marriage

My husband and I started dating in 2010 and got married 3 years later. We were very young and dragging along into our marriage was our painful pasts.

The first year, my husband became very depressed. Quickly, our life together became very negative and “dark”. After about a year, he slowly started to feel better (thank you, Jesus). But because he was so depressed, I felt like I needed to be very careful of what I said and did – never actually expressing how I was feeling because I, too, had a lot of unresolved pain from my past.

When he was healed from his depression, I was starting to feel more sad and more negative. I suffered from sexual abuse and assault in my past and I never dealt with this pain and hurt. Because I never dealt with my past, it took a huge toll on our marriage. It got to the point that we barely spoke to each other on a daily basis. We avoided each other and I fell into a depression.

I knew that I knew I needed our Father, so I started to look for Him every day. I just read my Bible and started talking to the Father about it. Not knowing He was changing and healing my heart, soul and mind, opening my eyes to Him and showing me how He sees my husband. I started to pray this prayer: “Lord, please just help me see my husband through Jesus’ eyes”.

Slowly but surely, I started noticing how sweet and thoughtful my husband was. We started to talk more again.

My husband was going to a therapist for a long time now and he was working really hard. I was searching the Lord on a daily basis and worked hard in pursuing healing for myself. What we didn’t know was without even realizing it, we were praying the same prayer.

After about seven years of marriage, God healed us and our marriage. We could finally say, “I’m so happy in my marriage”! We both worked really hard, but because we did it with God, He healed us and our marriage!

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