God Healed My PCOS

God Healed My PCOS

Back in 2016 after a few months of trying for #2 my OB did blood work and an ultrasound of my ovaries. The blood work came back normal but my ovaries looked polycystic and since I wasnt getting a period he diagnosed me with PCOS. We saw an RE and I was diagnosed with PCOS. She didn’t want to do more images or labs and told us that IUI was our only option.

We put the IUI on hold as I was accepted into nursing school and I prayed constantly for healing. I tried to trust in God’s timing the best I could.

Fast forward to now… I have graduated from nursing school and I found a NP that would listen. She did an ultrasound on my ovaries and they are HEALED! She said everything is perfect and we could actively start trying.

My diagnosis of PCOS has been REMOVED. I am so thankful. God has healed what the enemy tried to destroy. Thank you Moms in the Making for being so supportive. Before finding this group I struggled and there were times I felt myself getting angry at God but after reading posts from this group and speaking to other women I have changed my mindset on everything. This group has blessed my life!

Starly Marie

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