God Healed My Mind, Heart, and Body

In 2018, we began trying to grow our family. After two miscarriages, I received a diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder called APS (Antiphospholipid Syndrome), which can cause blood clotting and miscarriage. My doctor added blood thinners to my protocol but I had two more miscarriages. I was so angry and confused. I knew God was good but didn’t understand why He “wanted” me to walk through all of this trauma and heartache.

I discovered Reproductive Immunology and began working with a specialist in 2020. He added interventions to my protocol, but I still had two more miscarriages. 1 month after my 6th miscarriage, I found Moms in the Making and joined a support group. Everything changed.

Our 2nd meeting was about surrender, and I was so convicted. I had been striving from my knowledge and strength to “make” this happen because I didn’t truly trust God. I went to my first Moms in the Making conference two months later and I was so overwhelmed by God’s love. He healed so many parts of my heart that weekend, including the trauma of my first miscarriage.

After the conference, I began listening to the A Cup Full of Hope podcast. Truth became clear, and lies were stripped away. I no longer believe that “everything happens for a reason” or that God causes hardship to teach lessons. Now I walk in confidence that my Father will deliver me…that He is a faithful, good, loving, promise keeper…and that His will is for fruitfulness and fertility. I realized that my fight was not against flesh and blood but against evil. My intimacy with the Father grew, and I learned how to step into the Authority that Jesus has provided.

In 2022, God provided financially for us to start IVF through a sudden change in my employer benefits. I went through 2 egg retrievals and, finally, a frozen embryo transfer. Thanks to a million little miracles, I had a healthy, full-term pregnancy. We welcomed our miracle boy in May of 2023. God has genuinely traded us beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. What a good, good Father.

Melissa Ellering – Minnesota

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