God Healed My Hormones

“In early 2015, my struggle with PCOS had gotten out of control. I was experiencing debilitating symptoms that were affecting my quality of life. I was desperate for something to change so I could be “normal” again. 
In early 2016, I started seeing a new OB who specializes in hormone health. After several tests, supplement additions and a few diet changes… the new OB recommended a mix of hormones that was specially formulated for me. I started with shots, and then moved to a topical treatment.

During the next year, I lost 30 pounds and started to find a normal life without the debilitating symptoms that I had previously felt. Even though I felt the best I ever had, I hated taking the hormones. They were expensive, and it was hard for me to think I’d need to be on them my entire life. 
In October, I attended the first annual Moms in the Making Conference. The Lord showed me so much and renewed my hope in my wait to be a Mama. While there, the word “restoration” kept spinning in my head. Restoration wasn’t a theme of the weekend, but it was a message the Lord had specifically for me. I felt the Lord saying he wanted to bring restoration to every part of my life. My womb, our finances, our time and my complete health. 
Days after the conference, I checked in with my OB. I had been having a few new symptoms, and had some tests done a few weeks before the conference. I was fully expecting her to tell me that I needed an increase in my hormones. However, after a quick discussion, she told me my hormones levels are so high it is very evident that my body is making hormones on its own. This means I know longer have to take hormones! 

That night, as I laid in bed thanking the Lord for the start of the restoration He promised, I couldn’t stop thinking of Isaiah 43:19… “For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Thank you Lord for the start of something new!”

Melissa Forster – Springfield, Missouri

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