God Healed My Heart at the Moms in the Making Conference

God Healed My Heart at the Moms in the Making Conference

The 2019 Moms in the Making conference officially ended. Ever since then I have just been marinating on everything that happened there. The experience was just incredible. A friend of mine wrote this on Facebook: “Trying to put words together to describe this conference is like trying to explain what the presence of God is like. Because that’s what it was…we were ushered into His presence for 30 hours and words just don’t suffice.” I love this so much because she describes it perfectly when there just are no words.

I am sure I cried every last tear my body held. To some that might sound sad, but to me, it was so, deeply healing. God not only showed up but He healed places in me that I didn’t even know were there. I replaced that pain and the lies I had been believing with the truth of His word and I now carry something I didn’t carry before.

Now I can move forward honoring the three precious babies I lost without barely being able to speak about them because it was too devastating. Now I can wake up every day knowing that my story isn’t over yet. If it isn’t good, it isn’t God! A quick sneak peak into one of the most powerful experiences I had at the conference was the prophetic cards we got. I intentionally came to the conference to find healing from my miscarriages and leaving my son without siblings. It’s been a couple years and I’ve buried it so deep that I frequently felt like I was grieving alone and walking this dark path alone. When I opened my prophetic card, that I chose at complete random, in a box full of cards, the bottom of it said, “His blood covers you and His blood is healing your womb. He hears your cries and mourns with you. You are not alone.” Incredible!

Whitney Willard – South Carolina

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