God Healed My Heart and Body at the Moms in the Making Conference

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I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2016 but after only a month of meds I conceived my son, Hunter. So when we started trying for #2 I didn’t think it would be difficult. Our first medicated cycle at the fertility clinic was successful but then we quickly lost the baby. Our first IUI was also successful before another baby went to heaven.

The highs and lows of infertility began to become all consuming. After almost 2 years of trying to conceive, countless rounds of medicated cycles, multiple failed IUIs and 2 pregnancy losses I hit an all time low. I was absolutely despondent. I tried to stay in the Word and cried out to to the Lord often, but I was just so sad and confused. Why did I have to wait and endure the pain of loss? When our lives look different than we have always imagined them to be, it can be very frustrating. I wanted to try all the treatments. I thought if I wasn’t doing everything possible with medical assistance I would never get my baby.

With a big nudge from the Holy Spirit, encouragement from my husband and a quick look at the bill we had racked up at the fertility clinic we decided to take a break. I didn’t realize how bad I desperately needed a break. That is when I stumbled across the Moms in the Making Conference in Dallas, TX. I knew I had to go.

At the conference, my heart was completely healed. I felt set free and totally restored. My faith and hope was replenished and my desire was to only focus on my relationship with Jesus. I decided to focus on Him, instead of the promise of a baby. My waiting brought me closer to Him, the real prize. Turns out after being prayed over, my womb was healed too, because just three weeks later I started a cycle without medication. Previously it had been years since that happened. Two weeks later I got a positive ovulation test, which had never happened without medication either. And then two weeks after that I got a positive pregnancy test. My HCG numbers were 10x higher than the two previous pregnancies so I felt confident this baby would stick!

I’m now almost 30 weeks with our 2nd miracle boy and I share my story because if God did it for me, He can do it for you too! Don’t lose hope in His plan and His timing, He is working all things for good and His glory!

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