God Healed My Heart After My Embryo Transfer Didn’t Work

My husband and I went through IVF and our first transfer worked — we had our miracle baby boy in 2021. We did our second transfer on July 2023 and it didn’t work. I’ve never experienced grief this way. I was confused and I felt such a heavy weight in my heart. It was so hard for me to think about our remaining and last embryo and the transfer we would eventually do.

I attended the Moms in the Making conference this year and God spoke to me, specifically about grief. He showed me how I was hiding everything from Him instead of surrendering it to Him. He talked to me with so much love that it led me to give Him everything I was carrying. But the most important thing I had to do was give Him my little embryo – my daughter that went to be with Him instead of being with me in my arms.

The Lord was so good to me, not only did He guide me through grief, but He also reminded me that what the world says is “the end,” for Him is only the beginning. He reassured me that I shouldn’t be afraid of our next embryo transfer.

There is breakthrough in my life because of what God did through this conference, and I am extremely thankful for that! The same way He met me in the middle of my pain is the same way He cares for you wherever you are at. Let’s not lose sight of all the miracles He makes along the way, while we wait for our promises to be fulfilled.

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