God Healed My Broken Heart and Body Pain

They say hindsight is 20/20, and it wasn’t until the end of the story that I saw how my pain was a physical manifestation of my hurting heart. My husband and I had passed the two year mark of the start of our adoption journey. We had experienced so many rejections. Under his leadership, I signed up for 2023 Moms in the Making conference.

During Saturday prayer, a call went out for anyone specifically experiencing physical pain in their right foot. Very specific, but I had been fighting debilitating pain in my right hip and I thought it had been tied to my plantar fasciitis in, you guessed it, my right foot. I knelt at the altar and women came and laid hands on my right side. These women didn’t know my story, but they knew to be faithful.

As they prayed and sang and danced over me, the pain in my side literally melted away. I felt like you’d expect an ice cube feels under a heat lamp. I came home free from pain. It took several days to realize that my plantar fasciitis was and remains gone.

The Lord also healed my broken heart. He gave sweet confirmation that I had been on the right path, and that while I had been hurt, He was directing all the things I could not see to give me a hope and a future. With that renewed hope and freedom from all kinds of pain, I’ve been free to shout for joy the goodness of our God.

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