God Healed My Body From Neurofibromatosis

I got diagnosed with a disease called neurofibromatosis 3 months before I got married. It’s a disease where tumors can grow on any nerve in your body. At the time, we didn’t know much about it and didn’t know it would effect our decision on having babies.

In 2017, I had 2 lbs of tumor removed from the nerves in my leg and off my sciatic. They still left a lot in my body because they were too intertwined in the nerve to be removed. I was advised by my OB and my neurologist not to have biological children because it’s a 50% chance of passing it on and a 1 in 3 chance of causing rapid tumor growth in my body. We also had not used birth control from 2017-2020 and never saw a positive test.

We prayed about and took the first steps of IVF because they could isolate the gene from finding it in my DNA and make sure our babies wouldn’t have it. As we took the first steps, we were still praying on if this was something we were okay with, and ultimately, it didn’t work because they couldn’t find the marker of the disease in my DNA. So we continued to pray about having a baby naturally.

We finally found peace in it and had our Shiloh (peace from God) on February 1, 2021. She has showed zero signs of the disease!!! I had a full body scan done September after she was born to see if I had any tumor growth and my doctor called to say, “This is unheard of, but you had zero tumor growth during your pregnancy”.

We recently found out in May about our little boy due on Christmas. He was a surprise, so we’re praying health and protection over him and me and trusting God will answer just as He did with me and Shiloh!

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