God Healed My Barrenness and Made Me Fruitful

My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby December 2015. I naively thought we would get pregnant right away, like most of our friends. That wasn’t the case though.

At first, my doctor wasn’t too concerned, but after a while, she suggested testing and trying medication. I wasn’t on board. I personally felt like we were supposed to wait on God. I kept hearing Him say, “Be still”. During a prayer night at a friend’s house, one said, “Lindsey, God wants you to know He hasn’t forgotten about you.” At the time, I didn’t feel like He had, but in the years to come, sometimes I did. But I continued to hear my friend’s voice telling me about that encouragement from God.

Over the next couple of years, God showed himself to me more and more. One night, I was frustrated with our situation and I expressed that to God. I told Him I didn’t know why He had given me the desire to be a mom if we were going through infertility. The next words that I prayed were, “I gave you the desire to be a mother, to make you a mother!” I stopped instantly, opened my eyes and thought, “Whoa! That wasn’t me! Those words weren’t my own! Thank you, God!” That gave me such renewed hope!

In May of 2018, my husband and I finally got pregnant. Unfortunately, it ended a couple of days later. The same thing happened again that September. Then, in October, a close friend who has the gift of prophecy, texted me. She said, “8 weeks from today, take a pregnancy test. I feel that in my spirit.” I pulled up my calendar and 8 weeks later to the day was December 25th, Christmas morning! Sure enough, we found out we were pregnant that Christmas morning!

Today, we have our precious little boy and our sweet baby girl now, too! God healed my barrenness and allowed us to get pregnant right away with her! If God has made you a promise, He will surely keep it!

Thank you, Caroline and Moms in the Making! I’m certain our infertility journey would have been so different without this ministry. God used it to speak life, truth and hope to me. Nothing is too hard for God!

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