God Healed Me From PCOS

In March of 2020 we conceived our miracle baby. This was my second normal cycle in years! With a PCOS diagnosis I was used to 40 to 60 day cycles that were extremely difficult due to pain and other factors.

Throughout the pregnancy I was told I had a high chance of miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and that I would not be able to breastfeed due to PCOS. But, prior to getting pregnant I felt the Lord prompting me on diet changes and then the cycle we conceived I prayed healing over my reproductive system.

After that I claimed my healing! Throughout the pregnancy I rebuked what was spoken because I knew that I was indeed healed from PCOS. I had a picture perfect pregnancy (they were actually shocked at my glucose test and wanted to double check). Breastfeeding was never an issue and I had plenty of supply. And now 18 months out from delivery I have had 6 regular cycles with “normal menstrual symptoms.” I have been healed from PCOS completely! Each month I praise God for my timely cycles and my complete healing!

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