God Has a Plan and We Have Hope!

I am a year and a half into my journey with secondary infertility, which is the inability to become pregnant or to carry a baby to term after previously giving birth to a baby. The stigma that secondary infertility carries is painful, which is why I wanted to share today. I’m here to speak for those ladies that feel the pain that comes with knowing in your heart that being a mommy is something you’re not done with.

I had my son in 2016 and then my daughter in 2017. A week after, I experienced a postpartum hemorrhage, that ended in an emergency D&C and blood transfusion. It was traumatic and the start of our infertility journey. My cycle failed to return. It took a lot of advocating for myself and even one doctor telling me to enjoy being period free, which I did not find helpful. I was finally diagnosed with Asherman’s syndrome a year ago. It was a long wait being referred to a specialist, waiting for an appointment and then scheduling surgery. I had surgery in October of 2019 and found out 2 months later that it did not work.

But through the hardship we know our journey is not over. We have hit bumps in the road with hormone issues, but still know God has a plan. We have hope and know that God has a better answer then we could ever imagine whether that involves more biological kids, adopted kids, or no more kids at all. God is our source of fulfillment and our complete joy. We do have rough days but we know this world is uncomfortable and we have hope in eternity with God where there will be no sadness, no tears and no infertility.

I pray that this story promotes awareness for both Ashermans and Secondary infertility but that it also shares the Gospel and the hope and joy that it brings. Moms in the Making has been a help to me by giving me a place to give back to the community as I send cards of encouragement to those who need it. I love how much joy it brings me to help others and to pray over them by name as I drop cards in the mail.

Christine Linder 

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