God Grew Our Family Through Adoption and a Miracle Pregnancy

In 2005, my husband and I were married. We waited for about 2 years before we starting trying to start a family. About a year into trying and nothing happening, we decided to seek some help.

After a few failed rounds of Clomid and a cycle of shots, we decided to put everything on hold. We always said we wouldn’t adopt, but God had other plans. He started softening our hearts toward adoption, and in 2015, we adopted our first son. We waited a few more years and started the adoption process again and adopted our second son in 2018. At this point, while we desired to add another to our family, we weren’t sure it would be wise to go through with another adoption, partly because of the expense and partly because we are actively involved with both of our sons’ birth families (they are amazing!) and we wanted to be “all in” with them.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021. This summer was the most stressful summer of our lives. So many heavy things going on with my family. April was bad news, May was bad news, June was bad news and July was even more bad news. Little did we know that God was performing a miracle during this time. I was late with my cycle, but never once thought it was because I could be pregnant. I mean, we had been trying for over 14 years. But sure enough, I was. And today, we have a happy, healthy little girl who recently turned one. Only God could write a story like ours. We are so blessed to have three little miracle children!

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