God Gave Us Our Dream Home

In July 2020, my family had Covid. Thankfully, we were all ok with no lasting issues. While quarantined in our 900 square foot apartment, with 2 toddlers, 2 dogs, and 2 cats, we decided it was time to look into buying a house.

We were approved and began making our lists of “must haves” and “really wants.”  Must haves include things like no carpet (pets and toddlers!), 2 bathrooms, dishwasher, and a back yard.  Really wanted things like two living areas – I am a virtual MITM leader and wanted to start an in-person group as well, so I wanted to have a separate space without toys everywhere for our meetings.

On a Thursday, during our lunch breaks, we went and saw a house that we liked – didn’t love it, but it would work for all of our needs and we placed an offer. An hour later I got a text from my husband with a link to a house that was about 30 grand over the top of our budget with “If we could get this house within our budget, would you live here?

A coworker of his, and fellow foster parent, was wanting to purchase land in the country and was interested in selling her house to us, for just under the top of our budget (so about 35k off of what it was worth). This house checked every “need” and nearly every “want” on our lists…but we’d literally just put an offer on another house. Well, God worked and the other house did not accept our offer. We moved forward on this house and God worked out every single detail in the way He always does!

We’ve been in our house 7 months now and I couldn’t be happier….it even has two living areas. Isn’t it just like God to know exactly what is best for us and still give us our hearts desire? And if that wasn’t enough, God blessed me with more. I am a leader for one of the virtual groups and the first meeting after we moved in, I noticed my girls were acting a little different than normal, secretive maybe. After we went finished our prayer requests, one of my girls said, “Oh wait, Amber, I have one more thing to say.” She proceeded to tell me how much they all loved me and that they took up a love offering to celebrate my new home. She then sent me several hundred dollars that they had collected to bless us! I am so thankful!

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