God First and Then? 2 Miracle Babies!

“When I got married I wanted to start a family right away, although the Lord had different plans for me. At that time I had always believed there was a God but never prayed much or ever read the Bible. Becoming pregnant was a challenge. Month after month kept passing by along with one negative pregnancy test after another. I felt defeated and hopeless, I felt like I was disappointing my husband and worst of all I felt like a failure as a woman.
I started to read the Bible. I engulfed myself in learning more about the Lord and yearning for His presence in my life. As I started to build a relationship with the Lord he placed in my heart the revelation that I would have children so I knew I just needed to wait for His timing. 
Fast forward to 3 1/2 years and still no pregnancy. My husband felt at some point that I should seek medical help so we went to a consultation at a local fertility clinic. I came out so confused and a little discouraged because we would have to pay for 100% of the treatment. I also felt like the Lord was telling me to wait a bit longer.
On May 5th 2016 my husband and I traveled to Israel and we visited the Western Wall. It was there that I poured my heart out to the Lord. With tears running down my face I prayed for a child. Three months later I became pregnant and on May 4th 2017 I had a healthy baby boy. In addition to this blessing two months after I had my baby boy I became pregnant again and had a baby girl in March of this year.
I realize looking back that the Lord had plans for me to build a relationship with Him first before granting my desire. It truly increased my love and faith in Him. To Lord be the glory. I love to hear women’s testimonies and it encourages me to encourage others.”

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