God Confirmed I Am Making a Difference

I have been struggling with a lot of guilt and shame for months because my journey to motherhood hasn’t been as difficult as others. I was starting to question my testimony; whether it truly meant anything to anyone? I was questioning my role as a leader in Moms in the Making. Was I truly helping other women on their journeys?

Fast forward to the conference of October 2021. I had 3 amazing ladies attend from my virtual group. At the after party 2 of these beautiful ladies came up to me and told me God wanted me to know how much my testimony truly meant to them and how hopeful they were in their own journeys because of it!

I immediately posted about this in the our Moms in the Making leaders group, only to find out that one of my fellow leaders had a girl sign up for her group because she follows me on social media and my testimony gives her so much joy and peace in her own fertility journey! The best part is she isn’t even a Christian yet, but because of my testimony she has stepped out of her comfort zone and has decided on choosing faith and joined a support group! COME ON!! Do it AGAIN & AGAIN Lord!!!

Kathleen Tibbitts – Surprise, Arizona

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