God Completed My Dream Family

After my miracle IVF baby was born in 2019, I knew I wanted a second. My husband was comfortable with one child. I prayed over God to change my husband’s mind if it was meant to be.

In 2021, my husband suggested that we pursue IVF again with our remaining embryos. It was going to be a huge strain because we had moved out of the country and I would have to fly back for at least a month.

I began to lose focus on God and get anxious about the process. No doubt it would be tough. In June 2021, I woke up in pain. I had gotten pregnant naturally on birth control to prepare for IVF, but unfortunately, it was an ectopic pregnancy that resulted in emergency surgery. We were devastated and my husband was fearful that it was God’s big “no” to us having another child.

I prayed again. He again delivered and softened my husband’s heart again. I did a final round of IVF in October of that year. My beautiful boy was born in June 2022! God gave us a son to carry on the family name and the three of us could not be more enamored with him. God completed my dream family.

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