God Changed My Perspective and I Got Naturally Pregnant

I have always been a believer in God but I never imagined how powerful He is. He touched my life in an unimaginable way, through my pregnancy.

My husband and I tried for two years. These two years were very difficult and heart breaking for me. Through my journey I came across a book, “Sun Stand Still” by Steven Furtick. This book teaches you how to believe all things are possible. The book changed my perspective and because of it, I asked God to do the unimaginative.

I am truly blessed God answered my prayer and revealed His power to me. After asking Him for the impossible, I conceived naturally from my left ovary, even though I do not have a left Fallopian tube! My son is now 4 months old and perfect! I hope my story encourages you to change your mindset and fully rely on God. I also hope it inspires you, that He truly is a powerful God who loves to perform miracles.

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