God Blessed Us With Babies After Our Financial Obedience

In June 2017 my husband and I were two years post-miscarriage, had just had our third failed IUI and were enrolled in our first couples Bible study. We had accumulated thousands of dollars in debt since we started TTC in October 2013 and were considering tacking on thousands more to pursue IVF, the next step in our fertility treatment plan.

One night we were sitting together doing our Bible study homework which happened to be on debt, tithing and living obediently within your means. We knew immediately God was speaking to us and that IVF would have to be put on hold. We made a promise that night to take one year to pay off all our credit card debt and then begin tithing. As we started chipping away at our debt and four months later, Oct 2017, our first son came to us through foster care.

We remained faithful to paying off our debt and in March 2018 found out we were pregnant naturally with our second son. In June 2018 we sat at our church business meeting with our 18 month old son, four months pregnant and having just written our first tithing check. The finance lady at our church reviewed the budget and said we were short on the budget but the church was faithful that God would provide….the amount that the budget was short was EXACTLY the amount we would be tithing over the course of the year. God had been working on that plan for over a year, truly amazing!

I am so grateful to Moms in the Making which I found during my journey. It was the first fertility support group I found that was centered around Christ and overflowing with hope, something I desperately longed for. Listening to Caroline and hearing testimonies from other women in my position really helped me take on a new mindset during my wait.

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