God Blessed Us With a Home and a Baby

We moved into our townhouse in 2015 after we were married. We loved it, but we knew it wasn’t our forever home. We expected to bring home our first baby there, and began trying to conceive in 2017. In 2019, I had a dream of the room we had begun to call our nursery. I asked God what it meant, and He said we would “experience a miracle” in that room. My natural mind assumed that meant we would have our long awaited baby while in that home.

In 2020, the housing market made it very appealing to buy a new home because prices were low. This trend continued, but we still weren’t pregnant. I was discouraged, but my husband reminded me of what God had said. Neither of us had peace yet. Even with family and friends encouraging us to move, we held fast to God’s promise. In 2021, after over 3 years TTC naturally, we felt led to pursue fertility treatments. In preparation for our procedures, my husband administered all my shots and medications in our nursery. We bonded in that room: we laughed, we cried, we were afraid, we prayed together, and we took turns being strong for each other. In total, we had 3 failed IUIs and a failed IVF transfer all in 2021. But through that time, our nursery was the room in which we experienced so much of God’s goodness.

In January of 2022, we received the news that we were pregnant after an FET with our remaining embryos! God had worked a miracle in my body. Almost immediately after receiving this news, we both felt peace about selling our townhome. I asked God if we had experienced our miracle, or if we were supposed to bring our baby home to the townhouse, and He said we had experienced our miracle! Even though the market was terrible, with houses going fast and at high prices, God made a way for us. We sold our townhome in less than 24 hours for well over asking. Then we found our new house on our second time out looking at homes and our offer was accepted – even with other offers that had come in above ours. God is so good to provide for his children. He keeps his promises and he rewards our faithfulness!

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