God Answered Our Prayers With Medical Infertility Coverage

My husband and I have been struggling with a male factor infertility diagnosis since April 2019. We faced many emotions as we went through expensive fertility tests, just to end at the same answer every time: IVF. We were not in the spot where we felt led to pursue IVF due to the amount of money that we needed to pay, nor for the lack of chance of success, given my husband’s diagnosis.

We prayed about it, but ended up putting down our “IVF” thoughts, and picking up our “adoption” thoughts. We felt led to be parents, and adoption was placed on our hearts just as equally as infertility treatments were.

All the while we were facing this silent battle, I was in a job that was crushing my mental health. I felt overwhelmed and underappreciated. I just received my Master’s Degree in Social Work in December 2020, and was looking for new employment. I was interviewed in February 2021 for a therapist position at an agency in my area that I’ve never heard of. It’s unusual that I haven’t heard of an agency in my area, because I’ve been a case manager for five years prior to this interview, all in this same local area. I took a leap of faith, and accepted the therapist position.

Fast forward to orientation in March 2021, I was in the benefits session, where they offer health insurance to you. By this time, we had announced our plans to adopt, begun home study paperwork and fundraised. I looked at the coverage sheet for the health insurance, “90% after deductible, Infertility Treatments, Counseling, and Testing.” I can’t even begin to explain the overwhelming joy I felt. God had gone before us to answer our prayers!

A big thank you to Moms In The Making, which has been my rock, truthfully. My prayer partner has been wonderful and Caroline has prayed for me more times than I can count. But, if nothing else, MITM has shown me no matter how we move forward to parenthood, I am not alone. God has written my story! We truthfully do not know how to proceed right now, but God knows. I’m thankful He holds our hand. The support from these women has been unmatched, and I can’t even begin to describe how my walk with God would have been fractured without the love that He’s shown me in this group.

If you are scared, KEEP GOING. If you don’t know that you can do one more thing, YOU CAN. If you think that God has forgotten you, HE HAS NOT. You are worthy of whatever this life has in store for you and your story is beautiful, and it is yours alone.

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