God Answered My Prayer For a Husband

“This is my husband Nate. He is the answer to many tear filled prayers. I spent years crying out to God for a husband. You see, 11 years ago when my first husband left I didn’t think any man would want me. I was barely 20, divorced and had had a hysterectomy the year before. In my eyes, I was damaged goods. I spent several years of my life living like damaged goods and dating men who treated me that way.
And then this one skipped into my life (he never walks anywhere, there’s always a bounce in his step). He asked me out the day we met and boldly declared he was marrying me on our first date. We got married 75 days after our first date. He has never once has stopped pursuing my heart. He is fun, all the time. He always smiles and has a kind word to say. He is the most generous person I’ve ever met. Don’t get my wrong, he’s not perfect but he is a gift from God to me and I never want to forget that. No matter where this life takes us as long as he’s by my side I know we’ll be okay.”

Amanda Corbell – Dallas, TX

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