God Always Provides

In October 2020 I began a new job, with a significant pay raise.  The job was in a completely different field than what I had previously been in for over 10 years. The biggest negative to the job change was this job was a grant position that had to be renewed every year, which means there is a possibility of it not renewing and me losing that job.

In March of 2021, a permanent position in the same job opened up, but I was told it would be a significant pay cut, because the job was a pay grade below where the grant job was classified.

I went to the Moms in the Making Leader retreat at the end of March and was talking with several other leaders about the job and the pending pay cut. The girls told me not to believe that there would be a pay cut, but to pray and trust that there would actually be an increase. I gave them all the reasons that a pay raise couldn’t happen (such as the grant job being a level higher than the one I was applying for).

On the Tuesday after leader retreat, I applied for the job, was interviewed the same day, and told that I had the job. My supervisor told me I had to wait for HR to call with the offer to find out the pay for the job. I kid you not, I got the call and what was impossible to me was possible with God – I ended up getting a raise!

God is so good and takes care of all our needs – even when we doubt what He can do! He always provides! Surround yourself with people who speak life and hope into your life! Moms in the Making leaders spoke LIFE into me and into the job. Praise God!

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