From Moms in the Making Prayer Partners to Best Friends

“In May 2017, I joined the online Moms in the Making group and signed up for the July 2017 Prayer Partner rotation. Because I was so new to the group, I did not know what to expect, but I was very interested in having someone to pray with me during this journey.
I got paired with Katie, a woman who was about my age and lived four hours north of me in Texas. Not long after Katie and I were matched, we had the opportunity to meet for brunch with our husbands. All four of us totally hit it off! We were all so surprised to have been “randomly” connected with another couple who so thoroughly understood what infertility felt like and its impact on our lives.
Since then, Katie and I have become more like sister best friends than prayer partners. We attended the 2017 conference together and keep in touch daily through WhatsApp. There have been many times where we have learned the message limit on WhatsApp is 32 minutes.
We have interceded for each other and our families in prayer, and seen more miracles manifest than I can count. We have also already purchased our tickets for the 2018 conference and cannot wait to see what the Lord does again! Our story is one of God’s faithfulness. We had both been praying for a sister to travel this journey with and God provided in a way that exceeded both of our wildest dreams. Katie and I often go through similar experiences at the same time and can encourage one another through prayer and Scripture. That is all God!
If you are feeling lonely and longing for a true sister, know that God sees the desire of your heart and He can do it again!”

Megan Walker – San Marcos, Texas

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