Celebrated My Pregnancy With My New Moms in the Making Support Group

“My husband and I have been trying to conceive since August 2015 after being diagnosed with PCOS October 2014. After a terribly long 2017, miscarrying in March then all the fertility treatments, we decided to take a break on October 9, 2017, after our negative pregnancy test after IUI. Three months later, on January 9, we started seeing a different doctor, who is more naturalistic and thorough. And 3 months after that on April 9, God answered our prayers… we had our first positive pregnancy test! The first time we’d had 2 strong lines on one and the word ‘Pregnant’ on the other. God is so so good! He’s good in the incredibly difficult seasons and He’s good in the victorious!
After writing a blog post on our miscarriage anniversary, March 26, my dad emailed me about a fertility support group, Moms in the Making, that meets at my parents’ church (Church of the King in Mandeville, Louisiana). He proceeded to do research and emailed me again telling me there was a group in Springfield, MO. I looked it up on Facebook and joined that night, March 27. Two days later, I went to the group for the first time. At the point, I was on the two-week waiting period after ovulation.

At the end of group, Melissa prayed for our journey and our waiting period and then we found out we have the same doctor. After asking her if she understood my FAM (fertility awareness method) charting app and what they indicated was my peak day, she gave me the on-call number for our doctor so I could text and ask her. My doctor responded and asked if I could come in the next day for a blood test to see if I’d ovulated. I ovulated! The next time we had group (April 12), I was able to announce to them our pregnancy!”

Charis – Springfield, Missouri

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