By the Stripes of Jesus My Feet Are Healed

By the Stripes of Jesus, My Feet Are Healed

When I was 11, the arches of my feet collapsed and my ankles turned out.  The medical term is posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. My doctor had custom orthotics made so that as my feet grew, the braces would force my feet into shape.  We didn’t know I had already stopped growing. I wore “old lady shoes” to church and phys. ed. and it was humiliating. At 16, I started having pain in my knees that kept me up at night and walked with a limp. I was told surgery was not an option. The pain would spread through my entire skeletal system. I needed to prepare myself for being in a wheelchair by the age of 30.

Just before this, my family had gone to a Kenneth Hagin Sr. conference. He spoke about being a bedridden teenager and reading Isaiah 53:5 “by His stripes we ARE healed.”  My dad gave me one of his books to read. It talked about declaring healing. I didn’t know exactly how to do that, so as I lay in bed, I would repeat over and over again “by His stripes, I am healed.”

I was then sent to a physiotherapist. He gave me exercises to do and taped my feet into shape. I remember walking between classes, my taped feet giving me no pain, repeating in my head, “by His stripes, I am healed.” One day the physiotherapist told me to look down. My ankles were perfectly straight. I could fit two fingers under my arches!

Now I coach cross country running. I have walked miles in a day on four continents without needing braces in my shoes. I remember if God healed me once, He will heal me again. I also know that God used this experience to teach me the authority He has given me over sickness and disease, which I would need on this fertility journey we are on now. Moms in the Making has helped remind me of the authority God has given us over bodies and has been such an encouragement on the path to motherhood. By His stripes, we are healed!

Britni Mazur – Alberta, Canada

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