Best Conference Experience Ever

I am extremely grateful that I was able to attend the 2021 Moms in the Making conference. I remember wanting to attend a MITM conference ever since I saw some pictures of the first one in 2017. Initially, I had no intentions of attending this year because I was due in November. However, a few weeks after losing my son, Jaiden, at 20 weeks gestation, I had this idea that I could attend the conference. It would actually be the best time to go since I was on maternity leave and would not have to take time off from work.

I headed to the website to sign up, but before I was able to complete the registration, my emotions overwhelmed me. I realized that I was not emotionally ready to face people as yet so I closed the page and forgot about it. The following week I received a set of 15 Bible verse cards from the Moms in the Making support team. I reached out to Caroline to express my gratitude. As we conversed, she asked me if I would be at the conference. I told her that I had not intended to because I was due in November and she offered to bless me with a special price ticket. I could not and did not refuse. There was still an emotional struggle to sign up. But I did it because I felt for sure that God wanted me to be at the conference. He had spoken to me directly, but when I failed to act, He sent His messenger Caroline.

I attended the conference and I pray that every woman TTC will one day get to experience the power and presence of God that I felt in that room. I’m so thankful to Caroline and the board of directors for their ministry. They clearly understood the assignment! This was indeed the best conference experience that I have ever had. Mom in the Making has been a true source of restored hope, faith and strength on this journey. I have never felt so supported, encouraged, prayed for and loved. From the prayer partners whom I am still in contact with, to the virtual group and now the friends that I met and connected with at the 2021 conference, I believe that God has truly blessed this ministry.


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