Believing for Second Baby After Infertility Diagnosis

I am in year 3 of trying for baby #2. We had no problems getting pregnant the 1st time and when we started trying for baby #2 I got pregnant after about 6 months. However, I ended up in the hospital and I miscarried. In addition I was told I needed to have my right fallopian tube removed.

I was at church on a Sunday morning praying asking God to help me. I had a lady come up to me and give me a word from God. I walked away from the alter knowing that God would give us a 2nd child. God gave me Psalm 119:49-50 and those words have sustained me throughout my journey. After that I experienced the peace of God!

The same lady also had a vision of me pregnant in a green maternity shirt. I felt in myself that God was confirming that I would have a baby through natural birth. I met Susan and updated her on my journey and she said God wants you to throw all your pregnancy test away. I threw them away. I knew it was from God.

I have not had baby #2 yet but God is shaping me and molding me in my waiting period. I tell people all the time, “this isn’t going to make sense unless you have been there.” I would never wish this on anybody, but I wouldn’t want this taken from me for anything because this season of my life has grown me so much in the Lord. My faith is stronger because of the pruning that is taking place. Don’t get me wrong there are still bad days, but this group has been such an encouragement to me in my journey! I’m expectantly waiting to celebrate my miracle!

Mary Fish – North Carolina

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