All It Takes is One

My husband and I were married in 2019 and knew in due time we wanted to start a family. In 2020, I went to my OB to get routine labs done. Later that day, I received a call that I had a very low AMH (Diminished Ovarian Reserve), which was .2. I was only 35 years old at the time. My OB said I had to seek a fertility specialist right away as this was a huge factor for infertility.

I booked our first consult with an R.E. who then told me my chances of having my own biological baby was 5% with medical intervention and that IVF was our only chance and that might not even work.

We couldn’t afford IVF at the time, so we decided to try IUI. 5 rounds of failed IUI’s with no baby. Years of negative pregnancy tests, but we kept praying and standing on God’s word.

In 2023 with the help of a GoFundMe, we decided to give IVF a try. I emailed Caroline Harries, asking her to pray for us, and she did. I would get on my hands and knees every morning, placing God’s hands on my womb and speaking Psalm 113:9 out loud, “He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy Mother, Praise the Lord!”

IVF started in March 2023, and my body only produced one egg. I was so sad. Some friends had 8, some 12 or even 20 eggs retrieved, and we had one. Our doctor said, “we are going in and retrieving that one egg.” We knew the odds and chances were against us. I kept rehearsing the Bible verse in Ephesians 4:4-5, “There is One body and One Spirit, just as you have been called to One glorious hope for the future.  There is One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism and One God and Father.”

We all kept praying and declaring, “all it takes is one.”

God answered the deepest desire of our hearts. We are now 31 weeks pregnant with our one embryo. Our healthy miracle baby girl, Cali, will be born on May 1st, 2024.

In February 2024, I joined a Moms Made group and am now surrounded by wonderful Christian women who pray for each other and support one another. God is our miracle worker and He is yours, too. Trust Him for He will never fail you!

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