All Chains Are Gone

It’s been almost 18 years since my infertility journey began. 18 years of moments of complete brokenness after two devastating losses and many moments of death spoken over my womb. But also the sweet moments of an overabundance of joy as my family grew to include 3 miracle babies earth side.

As a leader of a virtual Moms Made group, I get the beautiful opportunity to pour God’s truth into each one of them so many times. However sometimes, to be honest, I wondered when would I be able to lay it all completely at God’s feet? When would I feel the peace that would come from breaking the chains that the enemy had so deeply positioned in my heart over the last 18 years?

Well that moment came one beautiful Sunday morning at my church just recently when I had the opportunity to share about Moms in the Making. As I spoke out these words, “I’m the daughter of a mountain mover, miracle worker, enemy-stomping God and I proudly stand now before you as an infertility victor”. The healing came, the enemy lost complete authority and my heart finally found peace.

Never doubt the power of your testimony, never allow the enemy to allow you to believe that your story isn’t enough, and when the time comes to receive healing, run fully into God’s loving embrace.

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