After 7 Years, My Pregnancy Test Turned Positive

My husband and I were walked through infertility for over 7 years with a diagnosis of uterine fibroids and low motility for my husband.

While waiting on our miracle baby, we fostered over 8 kids, and I attended Moms in the Making groups and saw a life coach. I had to get over my hurt and anger. Finally, I began taking all natural vitamins to prep for conception and then stepped out on faith by going to a healing service. While receiving a prayer, I could feel my stomach expanding and the lady praying for me said that she could feel it as well.

A few days later, I got my period during a family vacation. I was upset. My husband refused all alternative means of conception (including IUI, IVF, embryo adoption or surrogacy). I decided that I would give him a bit of time to change his mind but if not then I would leave him. I only had a glimmer of faith.

I asked him spur of the moment to attend a marriage class with me at the same church where I had the healing prayer. During this class, I was very transparent. I actually voiced my plan to leave due to infertility and my husband not being supportive of alternative ways to conceive.

A man approached me and said that God gave him a vision of fists joined together in my womb to signify a stronghold. He said in the vision that he prayed and the stronghold was broken and I conceived. He prayed for me that night in April 2022.

Fast forward to the next month… I am a missionary at church. In May 2022, I gave the sermon at my church on Mother’s Day and celebrated and acknowledged all women. My skirt was fitting tightly and my period was a few days late, so, I took a pregnancy test.

For the first time in 7 years, the test came back POSITIVE!!!!! I am miraculously pregnant.

I encourage all women to continue to seek God and in the meantime, do a work for Him. It could be fostering, adopting, working in the church or other helpful organizations. Live righteously and God will reward you.

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