After 3 Miscarriages, We Birthed Our Miracle Baby

After 3 Miscarriages We Birthed Our Miracle Baby Infertility support group

I took my first positive pregnancy test in January 2020. We weren’t trying to get pregnant so it caught me completely by surprise. I got excited and very quickly made a baby registry on Amazon & ordered a pregnancy announcement through Etsy. We went in for that first checkup & the sonogram tech was silent. That made me nervous. Everyone kept asking if I was sure about the start date of my last period. Then my doctor told us those bone chilling words, “there’s no heartbeat.”

After mourning the loss of that baby and moving forward we decided to go ahead with our original plan to try again in August. I tracked my cycle to know when I was ovulating and we got pregnant again. I thought “this one will work, God wouldn’t put us through that horror twice.” Only to hear the same phrase “there’s no heartbeat.”

My OB referred us to a specialist because she didn’t have the heart to put me through a 3rd miscarriage. I’m geriatric so they ran some tests & put me on some thyroid medicine to adjust my thyroid level. All other tests came back normal and there was no medical explanation why a pregnancy wouldn’t last longer than 8 weeks. We got pregnant again in December 2020 and I thought “we’ve seen the specialist I know this time is the one” and they monitored me closely from the start and ended with the same thing.. no heartbeat.

I asked God why, what have I done wrong that I’m being punished for? Why won’t my body do the one thing it’s supposed to do? And we prayed. We planned to try again in June 2021 for a March baby. That wasn’t the Lord’s plan. I found out I was pregnant and due in February. I had so much anxiety for the first 20 weeks. But at the Moms in the Making conference I felt my baby move for the first time during a worship song & felt God whisper “I’ve got this.”

My sweet boy was born a month early because I got preeclampsia & I had an unplanned c-section. He was less than 5 pounds & had to spend a week in the NICU. Nothing went according to my plan, but it was all perfectly aligned with God’s plan! Praise His name!

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