After 13 Years, I Am Pregnant

In 2008 my husband and I got married. I had been diagnosed with PCOS 2 years prior, but we had high hopes that God could help us conceive when we were ready. About a year into our marriage we were approached about adopting my husband’s third cousin. We didn’t hesitate because we always knew we were called to adopt.

Not too long after, we wanted to give our son a sibling and started trying to conceive. I struggled with my hormones for years and the weight of trying to conceive was heavy on us. I remember laying in bed at night crying myself to sleep because of the difficulty of trying to conceive. We had so many obstacles to face over the years and it made it unbearable.

Due to infertility and the distractions of being Pastors of a church we both drifted away from God and each other. During this time we felt like we were supposed to adopt again. We began pursuing adoption but it kept falling through for several years. In 2017 our marriage hit rock bottom and the devil almost destroyed our marriage. Against all odds, our marriage survived thanks to the mercies of God and the redeeming forgiveness of our loving Father. We were both able to confront our weaknesses and forgive each other for drifting apart.

In 2020 we were introduced to NaPro technology. I was able to dig deeper into my infertility issues and in 2021 I was scheduled to have an exploratory surgery to check for endometriosis and other hidden issues. They didn’t find any endometriosis, performed an ovarian wedge resection, found an adhesion on my descending colon that they corrected, removed an extra tube that didn’t belong there and found an infection in my uterus. I recovered from surgery beautifully.

During my recovery we met a sibling set of 3 precious little girls who we instantly fell in love with. I just knew they were meant to be ours. We began trying to conceive and I was put on tamoxifen to help me ovulate. Around September we found out that the girls were up for adoption and by October 31st they were placed in our home. About 2 weeks later we found out I was pregnant! After 13 years of waiting, God performed a miracle. Thank you Lord!

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