Adopted Daughter Through Miracle Pregnancy and Through Adoption

Adopted Daughter Through Miracle Pregnancy and Through Adoption

My husband and I tried to conceive naturally for 2.5 years before we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We eventually decided to pursue adoption. We found an amazing adoption agency that we fell in love with but like any adoption story it was not easy.

During the process we came to be in a dark place, both spiritually and mentally. Through divine intervention we ended up at what is now our church on Christmas Day. I cried through the entire service as I felt an extreme sense of peace about our adoption. At that point we had been waiting for nearly a year and we were desperate for some sort of progress. We found out seven days later about our daughter.

She was born January 2017. We were happy but after the pain we experienced during the adoption we decided that we were not ready to do it again, however, we wanted our daughter to have a sibling. At this point we had been trying for five years to conceive naturally. We became active in our church, found our community group, and most importantly accepted Christ into our home more so than we had prior.

I scheduled surgery as a ‘last ditch effort’ for December 31st in hopes to conceive naturally for potential endometriosis. My doctor wasn’t convinced it would work but was agreeable to trying. On October 24th, the day of my husband and I’s dating anniversary, I took a whim pregnancy test and it was positive. Our perfect, healthy daughter was born on June 20th, 2019, completing our family and proving to my husband and I that God’s plan is perfect and beautiful. And that faithfulness and prayers can move mountains.

Moms in the Making provided so much encouragement, especially since I was able to know I was not alone. I struggled with feeling guilty wanting a second child after we were blessed with our daughter, but Moms in the Making gave me an outlet and a sense of peace about our story.

Aimee Webster

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