Adopted Baby Boy After Attending Conference Gave Endurance

February 20, 2018

March of 2011 my husband Ryan and decided we were ready to start a family. In September we got a positive pregnancy test. I went away with family for a girls weekend and while on the trip my period started. I knew something was wrong. When I got back my doctor confirmed there was no longer a pregnancy. I was crushed. After a few months we told our family and friends and started trying again. We went to several specialists and still were not having luck.
In 2014 we went on a mission trip to Haiti with our church. It is there God opened my heart to adoption. We fell in love with a beautiful Haitian baby girl, we totally felt like it was God’s plan to make her our child. We started researching and planning but due to a change in Haitian law we quickly became not eligible to adopt her. Again I was crushed. I didn’t understand if we were saying yes, why God kept saying no.
In 2015 we went to visit a new doctor. We had a plan to do an IUI in October, but when we got there I had a fever and the doctor would not do the procedure. We went back two more times and each time something was off and the doctor could not do the procedure. We went to an informational meeting at Bethany Christian Services. Going into this I was praying for confidence. When we left the meeting I was confident. This was our road to a family.
We started the process, we hit a couple of small speed bumps, but then in February of 2017 Ryan was in a horrific car accident. He shattered his left femur and broke his right foot. Our adoption was again put on pause. We used this season to pray. Our prayers shifted from God give us a baby to God we’re ready for OUR baby.
Our home study was finally approved On August 30th.
In October of 2017 I was getting weary and at the last minute I purchased tickets to the conference and I took the 16 hour drive to Dallas. God used the conference to rejuvenate me and give me the endurance to wait longer. I didn’t know that 3 weeks later we would get the call that we had been matched, and 3 weeks from that day I would be a mom made. We got the call on Nov 14th, and our sweet Caleb was born on Dec 19th.

Amanda Locuson – Florida

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