A Fire in My Heart Was Reignited

This was my second conference and my second year being a leader. I’ve been battling the lies of the enemy saying I was a “bad leader.” I felt like I was failing my group, and that I was an unqualified leader. I was so overwhelmed with this feeling that I had already thought of quitting my leadership role. But every time I thought of doing that it would break my heart — I knew I had to bring this to the cross. I cried out to God to please tell me what to do, am I doing something wrong? Am I doing enough? Am I enough to be a leader?

I walked into the conference with a lot of heaviness on me and I tried my very best to hide it for the sake of my group not being distracted. But we all know you can’t hide from God (Jonah taught us that). When the prophetic cards were passed out to the attendees, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just wanted to hear from the Holy Spirit and MAN DID I EVER!

My card read “You are FULLY qualified to do all He has called you to do, He is satisfied with your YES”. At that moment I completely lost it, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Holy Spirit was speaking DIRECTLY to me and no lies of the enemy could silence it or change my mind! My heart was on fire and felt transformed at that moment, all the lies of the enemy had to FLEE! I felt a wave of relief and comfort come over me and when we worshiped I gave it ALL to Him.

I left the conference with such assurance that I’m not failing and such a fire in my heart was reignited. I feel ready to move into this next part of my season with a closer intimacy with Holy Spirit. Thank you to the board of Moms in the Making for allowing the Holy Spirit to truly move in this conference. I can truly and honestly say I left a different woman.

Amanda Recarey – Florida

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