3 Miracle Babies After 3 Losses

As a teenager I didn’t care that I didn’t see a period much, I just pretended to get it in order to not be ridiculed by my peers. It wasn’t until I got married, and talked about kids that I decided I needed to be seen for it. I was told due to my conditions, that it would be near impossible to conceive on our own without treatment.

I started taking a medication to help my period come and to stimulate ovulation and after a few rounds we conceived, only to have it end shortly in miscarriage. We quickly tried again and this time all was going well, until at 16 weeks I delivered our little girl. I wasn’t given any diagnosis then. Years went by, and nothing was happening, still the irregular cycles and lots of BFN’s. My husband had a vision during prayer of the Holy Spirit cleaning my womb and we began praying harder, fasting and believing in the word we’d so long ago received.

My periods began coming like clockwork then, and finally after 5 more years of waiting we conceived only to once again deliver our son at 16 weeks gestation. This time we had a diagnosis, incompetent cervix, we knew now what to do. We sadly lost another pregnancy, another girl.

Finally after 9 years of trying, we welcomed our first, full term baby into the world. Shortly after him we welcomed another little boy also full term and healthy. Sadly we lost two more babies before welcoming our third and final son.

We know that children are gifts from the Lord and an inheritance and we patiently waited, even with hope against hope as Abraham believed the promise the Father gave him. I pray that whoever reads this testimony can know that if we wait patiently, in His time we will see the promise fulfilled. Thank you Moms in the Making for helping me through my last two losses while I was TTC our finally blessing.

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