2 Natural Pregnancies After 4 Miscarriages

We struggled with infertility for about 3 years with 4 miscarriages. I was diagnosed with “mixed matched” chromosomes, protein C antigen and an incompetent cervix.
On April 27th, 2003, I was 15 weeks pregnant for the second time and on bed rest but due to bleeding. Early that morning, I miscarried and passed our baby at home. It was during that time the Lord really dealt with me about the power of praise.
After this loss, genetic testing was recommended. While waiting, we became pregnant naturally with my daughter, Hannah. On April 26th, 2004, I went into the hospital for delivery.  I labored all day and she would not budge. At 12:30 am on the 27th, the doctors decided it was time for a C-section. As I heard her cries upon delivering, I quickly noticed the clock on the wall.  It was one year to the day of that horrible site we had endured. God took a day that was so ugly and the enemy meant for evil and turned into a day of beauty. God brought redemption.
Sadly, we did go on after that to have two more miscarriages and decided we were done trying. My husband was even planning to have a vasectomy at the end of the year of 2007. However, the Lord had different plans because I became pregnant again with my son Zach, which was a miracle within itself. At 31 weeks, I went into severe preeclampsia and he was born 9 weeks early. I was very ill and remained in ICU with stroke-like symptoms for a week after his birth. We are both completely healthy today.
Both of my babies were miraculously conceived, which we were told would never happen. Doctors were unable to explain how I was able to conceive, carry full term and live healthy after a traumatic birth of my son. We know it was all God!

Crystal Breaux, Texas

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