150 Pounds Lost!

“In September of 2016, we went to our second fertility specialist and were turned down due to my risk factors for pregnancy. I am 40 years old, have a thyroid disorder, a blocked tube on my left side and my right ovary doesn’t produce. I was at a BMI of 58, 200+ pounds overweight, high blood pressure, borderline type 2 diabetes, severe chronic back pain and an autoimmune thyroid condition. I was told I had no business being pregnant, that the risk to my baby and my own life was too great.
My heart was broken beyond what it had ever been broken. In January of 2017, I was contemplating my life, and in a moment, I decided that I had nothing to lose. I decided to have weight loss surgery and fight for my life and my future. So in June, I had a gastric bypass.
I’ve lost 150 pounds of my 220 pound goal. I no longer have high blood pressure or at risk for diabetes. My spine has decompressed which has made me grow back an inch of height that I’d lost from the weight pulling down on my spine. My life is so different, and I know that this path is a path of deep healing for me. I’m beating my addiction and taking care of myself in ways I didn’t realize I needed to.
It occurred to me a few months ago that God broke my heart to save my life. He loved me enough to say no to me and shake my foundation to deal with something that was robbing me of my whole future. He is showing me that his plan is always, always for my best! And whatever road he has me walk is not by accident or without purpose. He is looking out for my best outcome.”


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