Free Ticket

Do you want a free ticket to the conference? Yes? Well good, we want you to have one too!We have an opportunity for you to get a free ticket by helping us bring on a sponsor. If you bring in 1 $500 sponsor, you get 1/2 price ticket (off the middle tier rate). If you bring in 1 $1K sponsor, you get a free ticket. If you bring in a $5K sponsor, you and one friend get a free VIP ticket. Yes! There are VIP tickets this year.

This offer only applies to a new sponsor that hasn’t associated with Moms in the Making yet. If you make the introduction and they sign up – you win, we win and the sponsor wins.

More details:
+The free ticket will be given after sponsor makes payment and lists you as the reference
+It’s up to you to remind the sponsor to list you when they make payment
+Sponsor needs to make payment by Aug 31st
+We want every person who wants to come to the conference to get a free ticket which means we are setting you up to succeed. Attached is a letter that you can share with every potential sponsor.

Letter for Potential Sponsors